January 30, 2011

Glamourous Sleepwear

Good Morning Gossip Girls

So the other night I finally watched the movie "Eat, Pray, Love." I read the book when it came out and I liked it but I actually liked the movie more. I love Italy- so that's probably why! Anyway one of the scenes that stood out to me was when Julia Roberts sees a lovely nightgown in a store and her friend tells her to buy it and she says "For who?" and the friend says "For you." And then she buys it and wears it around her Italian apartment alone while she cooks and reads. Something about wearing glamourous loungewear is very appealing to me- maybe it's from Gossip Girl? Those girls always look put together even when they first wake up. I love a comfortable and pretty nightgown but you're just as likely to find me sleeping in a t-shirt.  Maybe I should work on that!

I put together some pretty sleepwear looks that can really make you feel special and beautiful even when it's just you!

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