January 27, 2011

Running With Nike+

To all the runners out there: have you tried Nike+?  When it first came out it was just this sensor that you fit in your shoe (Nikes of course) and then the sensor interacted with your iPod to tell you your pace, distance, and calories. I had this version of Nike+ since 2008 and I always liked it. The sensor type of Nike+ is still available but I've moved on with technology!
Image from iTunes
If you have an iPhone you can get the app Nike+ GPS for $1.99 which does all the regular Nike+ functions "plus" more.  Since the iPhone app uses GPS it's more accurate than the sensor method and it also tracks your altitude and pace every step of the way. When you're done you can link it to your Nike+ account and go back and look at your runs on pretty graphs. There are also training programs through the website- I'm training for a 1/2 marathon right now.

Screenshot from my Nike+ training site
I'm a big fan of this technology for a couple reasons.  One it's convenient- if you just randomly go running outside there's no real accurate way of telling how far you've gone but this app changes that. You can program in how far you want to go and it alerts you as you complete a mile and when you're halfway.  Two it's fun- I like that it tracks all my past runs and I like interacting with the website too. If you have Nike+ and want to be "friends" on the community, my username is fauxfurr so add me!

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