January 20, 2011

Must/Lust: Workout Jackets

Have you ever heard of the store lululemon?  If you haven't you're missing out on some beautiful, well-made yoga & workout clothes.  They make super cute stuff but the problem is it's pricey! What makes lululemon's clothes special is the attention to details. Most of the jackets are tailored and have fun details like thumb holes to help keep your hands warm- love it!
High-five for thumb holes!
The good news is a friend recently turned me on to a much more budget-friendly way to get the same look- Forever 21 has a line of workout clothes that are a much more affordable alternative.  Let's compare these jackets!
Forever21 Version- $17.50
Lululemon Version- $108.00
Both of these are black & zippy with thumb holes but the Forever 21 jacket is less than a quarter of the price!  While the lululemon jacket is surely nicer quality, the Forever 21 version is much cheaper with a similar style.  What do you think- splurge or save?


  1. Thank you for the tip! I've spent way too much at Lulu recently, but omg the clothes are so nice. The detailed tailoring, cut and quality material makes for super flattering clothes. I've splurged on a few nice pieces there and I'm very happy with them. I'm finding that I need just some more workout tanks, so I'll check out Forever 21 for that. I also recently got some nice running crops at Gap Body, they were on clearance for $12, then I got 40% off that! Suh-weet.

  2. Thanks for the Gap Body tip! I never think of that place for workout clothes either. A lot of mall stores have cute/affordable workout stuff but it's easy to forget about it.