April 15, 2011

Favorite Friday

Oh hey Friday! This weekend is sure to be exciting. My sister and I have our half marathon (which means we get to carbo-load tonight!) early tomorrow morning. I'm also slated to try dim sum! Should be fun times! Here are some favorites...

Jewelry from Eliza Page
Eliza Page
My ex-roommate turned me on to this fabulous jewelry from a store here in Austin. A lot of the jewelry is truly original and stunning- many of the designers are Austin natives and they offer a variety of price points. The store is on 2nd Street or you can always online shop. That heart necklace is my fav!!

Organic Girl Lettuce
I know lettuce isn't that exciting and I also know they are marketing directly to me by putting "girl" in the title. Who genders lettuce? Anyway I picked up some of the 50/50 mix (1/2 spring mix 1/2 spinach) and it's the best! I don't know why maybe because it's a girl. Extra bonus: there's a coupon on their website.
Chocolate Malt Gelato
On the opposite spectrum of the food world (health wise) I made chocolate malt gelato last week and it was amazing. I strongly recommend the Ciao Bella book that I mentioned last week (that's where the recipe is!). It's too long to post here BUT I will be posting another ice cream recipe soon since I'm obsessed with making it now. If you don't want to make gelato, stores sell the Ciao Bella malt flavor- get on that!

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