April 7, 2011

Using the Ball

Exercise balls
Image from Flickr
Yesterday I took "Core" class at Dancer's Shape and it was a serious challenge. Why? Well.. you know those big exercise balls that everyone has? Ya.. I can't say I've ever used one. I mean not on purpose.. I just never really learned how to use them and tend to see them as a bouncy chair more than an actual piece of equipment. Needless to say yesterday's workout was a challenge as I figured out that those balls are actually difficult to balance. My favorite way of using the ball was for glutes. I found this move that we did in class from Shape Magazine (always a good source). So if you have one of those balls around the house (I know a lot of you do!) then why not try this today?
Image from Shape

1 comment:

  1. I have one. It sits in my closet. Sometimes I go visit it.

    I think I need to bring it out of the closet.
    My ball will thank you for the fresh air.