April 13, 2011

Beauty Picks

I recently got a post on my Facebook page asking for more beauty/makeup posts. I am always open to suggestions so let's discuss!
Nars Concealer Duo, $30
I posted my favorite mineral makeup from Urban Decay earlier. For concealer I use Nars Duo and I like it. I think I'll always be "on the hunt" for the perfect concealer and mascara. If you all have favorites please comment! My favorite tinted moisturizer is actually from Neutrogena and it recently was discontinued :-(. I hate it when that happens!
Makeup Forever Ad
I am intrigued by a few beauty ads I've seen in magazines lately so let me know if you've tried.. The ad for Makeup Forever HD Foundation is not photoshopped so that's pretty cool. I looked at this foundation at Sephora and it seemed really thick and sticky which isn't my style. Anyone tried it?
L'Oreal One Sweep $10
L'Oreal has this eyeshadow out called "One Sweep" which means you can get all three colors on at once. I really like the colors in the one above but that must be too good to be true right? It kinda reminds me of this haha!


  1. so glad I clicked that last link...

  2. I'm glad you did because I figured you were the only one who would appreciate that reference!