April 14, 2011

Workout Accessories

In my last post about my favorite workout gear I left some things out (the post was getting long!) so I thought I'd share more today.
SPIbelt $19.95
I use Nike+ GPS with my iPhone for running and since it's somewhat heavy I don't like carrying the phone on my arm. Bring in SPIbelt! It's sort of like a running fanny pack but less of a faux pas. It doesn't bother you when you're moving and it holds your phone, keys, ID, etc. Plus it's an Austin company & I like to go local!

Bondiband Headband $8
This headband is genius. It's the only thing that will keep my hair out of my face and not slip during runs. It's adjustable so you can make it wide or narrow and it will even go over your ears (which was nice running outside in Chicago) plus it's sweat-proof.

Nike Running Shoes $95
Nike Air Max Moto+ 8 Shoes
I've been running on these shoes for years now- well different pairs of the same shoes. I might switch it up soon but these have been good to me! It's important to find the right shoe for you if you'll be running. Try going to a local running store that will assess your foot and stride.

I think those are about all of my picks. Did I miss anything? Happy workout!

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