February 22, 2011

5 Cool Kitchen Gadgets

We all have our staple kitchen gadgets that we use all the time- microplane is probably my favorite. But have you ever gone into Williams Sonoma or Sur La Table and looked at all the random stuff available? Some of it is just ridiculous (a banana slicer... who needs that?)  but some of them look useful and interesting. Here are 5 seemingly useful tools that you probably never knew existed.
Bench Scrape: $7.95
Bench Scrape: 
This one is a Rachael Ray original and it's pretty clever. It quickly and easily scoops your chopped foods so you can transfer them to the pan.
Herb Mill: $19.95
Microplane Herb Mill:
According to the website this tool "finely chops fresh herbs without tearing or blemishing delicate leaves." Sounds helpful!
Pot Clip: $6.95
Utensil Pot Clip:
This took clips your spoon to the pot or pan you're working with and eliminates the need for a messy spoon rest.
Onion Goggles: $22
Onion Goggles: 
I need these! If you're sensitive to cutting onions these goggles protect your eyes from the vapors that make you cry. It's worth looking silly for a few minutes to save your mascara.
Peeler: $14.95
Tri-Blade Peeler: 
This is three peelers in one making it a great tool for peeling thick or thin skins and it also juliennes!

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