February 8, 2011

Beauty Fav: CoverGirl Gloss Balm

Source: coolspotters.com via Lala on Pinterest
I'm currently slightly obsessed with this new lip gloss from CoverGirl. It's part of their new NatureLuxe  line and hopefully it's here to stay. When I put it on this weekend one of my friends had it too and we squealed about how great it is. It's really lightweight like a chap-stick but it adds a touch of pretty color. I have the shade Peony which is a subtle everyday red. You can get it at any drugstore for about $6.50- I want to get more colors soon!

PS- Have you been to Pinterest.com?  I'm just getting into it but it's really neat.  Check it out and if you join my name is ooolalablog so we can be friends.

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