February 1, 2011

Must/Lust: Vintage-Looking Glasses

Today I bring you another example of how shopping around can save you some cash. The home section at Anthropologie is a big inspiration for me. I don't usually buy anything there because it's so pricey but once in a while you can find something good on sale. If you go to World Market you'll find a lot of similar pieces for a fraction of the price. Bonus: if you sign up for their online newsletter, World Market regularly sends out coupons.
Check out the green fleur-de-lys glasses below. I like the vintage feel & the color.
World Market: $11.96 for a set of four               Anthropologie: $8 per glass
MUST                                                               LUST
Who just wants one glass? Buying the set at World Market means you get more for your money than the one from Anthro. They look so similar!

1 comment:

  1. The flair of the world market glass is less "jelly jar" than the anthropologie glass and in my book that is a big plus.