February 26, 2011

Red Red Wine

Finishing my wine at Taverna
I never really drank wine until I spent a semester in Italy. When we were there, a liter of wine was cheaper than a bottle of water so we figured it was the most budget-friendly way to stay hydrated! There was a place where we lived in Perugia that you could get a huge jug of house wine and refill it weekly at a local wine store. I wish we had that in America! But we do have some good and affordable wines here and while I'm by no means a wine expert these are some of my current favorite go-to red wines.
  • Menage a Trois Red- This table wine is usually between $9-$12 and it's very drinkable. Everyone likes it.
  • Becker Vineyards Iconoclast Cabernet- This is a favorite local Texas wine. It usually costs $10 and if you are in Austin I'd highly reccomend taking a trip to this winery in Stonewall. It's beautiful and fun! 
  • Llano Shiraz- LOVE this wine. It's also from Texas ($10) and it's great on its own without food since it's sort of sweet (but not sugary). 
  • Francis Coppola Diamond Collection Blue Label Merlot- I like this wine with pasta. It's from California and it's around $15. It makes a nice gift too.
  • Althos Las Hormigas Malbec- This Argentinian Malbec is sometimes hard to find and it's usually around $13. If you can find it snatch it up because it's so delicious. I first had it when I was in Spain. Tasty! 
What are some of your favorite affordable red wines? I'm always looking for new ones to try! 

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  1. omg the wine from Spain! It was so good! I'm impressed you were able to find it. I'll keep an eye out.