February 21, 2011

Work Out Like a Dancer

After all the food and parties lately it's time to focus on fitness! I recently started going to a new studio in Austin called Dancer's Shape. This is a barre workout meaning it's derived from ballet, Pilates and yoga. My first class was much tougher that I expected! The workout consists of little movements that really get your muscles shaking and burning. These classes are expensive (I'm on a Groupon-type deal) but there are similar workout DVDs you can get or try these moves from FitSugar- we have done these exact movements in my Dancer's Shape classes. So far I really like the classes and they're a nice compliment to my running & other random workouts. Would you try the barre?


  1. this video automatically starts playing every time I visit your blog. shhhh.

  2. I know- let me see if I can fix this!