March 28, 2011

Blackberry Margaritas

Blackberry Margarita- mmm! 
Now that it's starting to get warmer (in most places) this is a perfect drink. Blackberries are the most beautiful color, especially in drinks. We all know I prefer my drinks pink but it's even better when fresh fruit is involved. I made these with Republic tequila and Republic classic lime spirit blend. Republic is an Austin-based brand and it's not available everywhere yet. If you can get your hands on it then do! It's a super high quality organic tequila- but any 100% agave tequila works well in this recipe. The spirit blends are only available in Texas but they're basically fresh lime juice, agave nectar and water. You can substitute with fresh lime juice and agave nectar for sweetness (so much better than sweet & sour!).
Blackberry Margaritas
1 pint fresh blackberries, washed
100% agave plata (or white) tequila
Fresh lime juice
Agave nectar to taste

To make:
Put the blackberries in a blender and puree. Pour the puree through a sieve or mesh strainer into a bowl and use a spoon to separate out the seeds. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice. Put in one part tequila, 1/2 part blackberry puree, 2 parts fresh lime juice, and agave nectar to taste (depending on how sweet you like it). Shake well and pour into a martini or margarita glass. Garnish with a wedge of lime or a blackberry.

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