March 2, 2011

In Bloom

Jessica Alba- cute in a floral sundress
Floral is a huge trend for spring and there's no better way to rock it than in a super feminine sundress. If it's still cold where you live then it's not too early to plan ahead for warmer weather! And if you live in Texas (happy Independence Day) this weather may be the closest thing to spring that we get before it's scorching- so enjoy!


  1. Oh, i love floral and now i´m totally in love with the print.
    Wonderful sugestions u put here.

  2. I am wishing and hoping for warmer weather, but I doubt it will be happening anytime soon here in Chicago. I love floral print dresses and I am going to stock up on them this spring. My favs are 1 and 5 :)

    xo Jen