March 11, 2011

Favorite Friday

Hooray for Friday! South by Southwest officially started today and Austin is booming with tourists and hipsters. I'm planning on taking a bunch of photos and posting them here so be on the lookout next week!
Taylor Hanson @ Fader Fort 2009
Fader Fort
Speaking of SXSW this is probably where you'll be able to find me. I love this party and this will be my 3rd year attending. Another tip- Donie from Nails Naturally told me she'll be here doing free Minx manis! RSVP if you're in Austin & you haven't yet!

Beyonce with shiny tinsel in her hair
Hair Tinsel
My new friend Shawn always has this in her blonde hair and it adds a subtle sparkle of fun. I don't know if it would go so well in my hair since it's dark but I like the idea.
New KitchenAid colors!
Raspberry Ice KitchenAid 
The folks over at The Kitchn spotted this new color of KitchenAid mixer called Raspberry Ice. It's such a fun hot pink! Love.

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  1. Oh man, I so wish I had waited to get my pink mixer til this one came out!! I have the same one as you, the baby pink one, but this color is so me!