March 14, 2011

Breakfast Tacos Buenos

Image from Homesick Texan
Before I moved to Austin 3 years ago I'd never had a breakfast taco. Insane right? I just didn't know they existed but now I eat them all the time! Breakfast tacos are super easy to make at home (and I do it often) just combine tortillas, scrambled eggs, salsa, & cheese plus whatever else you may have on hand (beans, potatoes, veggies, meats). But a great thing we all love about Austin is going out to get a breakfast taco in the morning with friends (usually after a late night out!). So here are the places I head to for breakfast taco fulfillment- what are yours?
  • Torchy's- All I have to say is "Dirty Sanchez"- best taco in Austin for any meal in my opinion but any taco here is usually a home run. 
  • Tacodeli- This place has a huge variety of breakfast tacos so I try something different every time. Don't forget the green dona sauce which is a super spicy and flavorful addition. 
  • Juan in a Million- You may have seen this spot on Man vs. Food when Adam attempted to eat 8 Don Jaun tacos. The Don Juan may be the best bang for your buck in all of Austin- it's a huge taco (don't think I've ever finished one) and it costs less than $4.
  • Mi Victoria- If you want to avoid the crowds and save some money, this local Mexican bakery offers super cheap and authentic tacos. Plus they also have a large selection of pastries and breads. 


  1. My fav is The Democrat at Torchys. Mmmmmmmm... We have a great, authentic breakfast taco place down the road from us.

  2. Oh, I love the breakfast tacos in Austin! Some of the best memories are shared with eating some sort of taco out there, but the breakfast tacos hit the top of my list. I will for sure have to check these places out when I am out there next :) I want one now...

    xo Jen