March 22, 2011

Hair Flair

Meredith & I with our hair feathers
Have you ever seen feather hair extentions? They're really gaining popularity here in Austin. My friend Meredith and I had the opportunity to get feathers put in our hair during a SXSW party. Scarlett from Hearts and Robots did mine and I chose a bright pink feather- it's a feather in your hair so why not? The feathers are basically clamped into a few strands of hair and evidently stay in for up to 5 weeks. If you get sick of it you can take it out before then. A lot of salons here in Austin are now offering feather extentions. They usually cost around $20. I also found this handy tutorial if you want to try it yourself or see how it's really done. What do you think of this look? For me it's a fun way to change up my hair without dying it or getting a drastic cut but it's not a look I'll always want.

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  1. Do you accessorize that with feather earrings a
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